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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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baltimore. >> police rescued eight dogs from the house and said they found evidence that the animals had been used for fighting. kai reed joins us live at police headquarters with more on the story. >> the discovery actually started with a tip to police about drug activity in the neighborhood. investigators ended up finding produce and dogs. we heard dogs barking in sight, but no one came to the door. police say a tip about drug activity in the neighborhood led to the discovery of several dogs, including pit bull terriers, inside the home. >> there were eight dogs inside the dwelling as well as medication for the dogs and dog fighting manuals. suspect johnnie taylor has been charged with eight counts of animal cruelty and drug possession. investigators say he lived at the house but they are not clear if the alleged dogfighting was
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happening there or somewhere else. >> it was really hush hush. >> animal control took the dogs to barc, where they are said to be outgoing and friendly. scarring onthem have scorin their faces. >> the dogs will hopefully be adopted. police say they will continue to investigate this case and other potential animal cruelty cases in the city of baltimore. >> who wants to see an animal suffering? that is one of the things the baltimore police department and the mayor's office or partnering to make sure that we do a full investigation and if there's anyone who is involved in these types of activities, they are investigated and brought to justice. >> it is very disturbing, and i
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am upset. i am very upset about this. >> police did not say if anyone else was living in a home with the suspect, johnnie taylor, who is in police custody tonight. >> service was disrupted this afternoon at the old court road manchu -- metro station in pikesville after a small fire ignited on the tracks. skyteam 11 was over the scene during the 5:00 hour. emergency crews quickly put out the fire. no one was hurt, but a nearby train was disabled, stranding passengers for a time. rescue train was brought into transport the passengers to their destination. >> seven murders being investigated in baltimore. the first one happened and owings mills. police said three men wearing masks at the tate the residence
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and ransacked the home. a father and his two little girls were leaving home when police say to madmen order them back inside. the suspects reportedly got to take the men again and demanded money. if you have any information document called " marchetti police. seven people were murdered in baltimore of the last five days. the latest happen on bellaire road. best better say a gunman walked inside an open fire, killing a man in his 30's. police believe derrick smith was targeted, but they are not sure why. >> the judge in the trayvon martin case is stepping down after a potential conflict of interest involving her husband. the circuit court judge recused herself today because her husband works for an attorney who was too rigid who was approached carry represent george zimmerman. he had declined and has been hired as a cnn analyst on the
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case. replace the judge has not been named yet. new details in the secret service scandal as the claims its first casualties. three agents are now leaving the service. a source says that two agents -- local police were called in and reported the case to the u.s. embassy. the remaining eight agents and 10 u.s. servicemen are under investigation in the case, which has become an election-year embarrassment for the obama administration. another military scandal of afghanistan tonight. disturbing photos depicting actions by u.s. troops are sure to trigger outrage. >> the pentagon has issued an apology for the actions of the 82nd airborne. >> the 18 photos are so graphic, we are showing us one, crops. the remains of a suspected suicide bomber and u.s. troops posing in 2010.
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the los angeles times says it got the images from a soldier and published in just a few, refusing a request by defense secretary leon panetta and not to print any. >> this is war. i know that war is ugly and his co-pilot -- and it is pilot. i know that young people caught up in a moment sometimes make foolish decisions -- it is violent. >> the natomas secretary-general says he assure the violations were not typical in 2010 or today. >> it is an isolated event. obviously i hope there would be no spillover. >> officials worry western troops could face reprisal attacks. six americans died after u.s. troops mistakenly burned korans in february. u.s. soldier allegedly murdered
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17 afghans in march. in january, a video service of u.s. troops urinating on afghan dead. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says the real afghan story was last weekend. local troops trained by the u.s. and nato beating back taliban attacks. >> the transition is on track. the afghans are increasingly standing up for their own security and future. >> all u.s. combat forces are still said to be out of afghanistan in 2014. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is still uncertain if you'll end up spending more money on your favorite bottle beverage in the city. kalthoff members say they are not ready to vote on the proposed bottle tax increase and are keeping the bill in committee. shelton dutes joins us live from city hall. >> they've definitely got an earful from both supporters and opponents of that tax bill. at the end of the day, they say
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they want the entire council to vote. >> maybe i should think about another city, but is this city does not care about its kids. >> after more than two hours of heated testimony, the city taxation committee did not take an up or down vote. >> the key is not prepared to take a vote at this time. had -- the committee is not prepared to take a vote. >> under the proposal, the bottle tax would jump to 5 cents with the hopes of collecting $23 million to improve city schools. earlier in the day, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake brought attention to the rundown condition of many of the city schools. >> we have filled the bathrooms -- filthy bathrooms. some people hold it all day. our water fountains do not work. all of those that say to stop taxes, you are wrong, because we
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really needed. >> opponents say they do not think the bottle tax is the way to go because it will hurt small business. >> i would like to have everybody here take an oath that any of you who support this will agree to pay $25 fine. >> it is a very simple thing for workers. it means lost hours and lost jobs. >> i don't think we should ask our children to be begging for dollars. if you want to put $10 million into a race of private investors, we can do that without asking anyone to have a bake sale for us. >> in response to the decision by the committee, the mayor took to hurt twitter account and said it dixon the following message. she said councilman stokes will not vote up or down on school
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funding construction. we are elected to make decisions. let him know. it is unclear how long this will stay in committee, but councilman stokes said they are considering other alternatives, but did not comment further. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> he allowed students to call him at home with any questions they have. bradley nornhold was surprised this morning by being named baltimore city teacher of the year. the seventh and eighth grade math teacher was nominated by other teachers and students recommendations. it was also based on classroom visits, an essay he wrote, and student test course which were called incredible. >> he manages to have kids engaged around really high expectations of learning, in ways that are really amazing. >> is a real honor. there are amazing teachers in
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the city and to be able to represent them is quite an honor. >> nornhold will now go on to the maryland state teacher of the year competition. the winter that will go on to the nationals. >> in college park there was a reality competition of sorts on campus. the contestants were six didn't charities. the head judge was kevin bacon -- 66 didn't charities. -- 6 student charities. >> at the university of maryland college park on wednesday, a first, and bacon 101, as in kevin bacon. he is being modest. the actor tom glass and have a -- the actor taught a class for students who want to make a career out of philanthropy. >> we are trying to create a new
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culture of philanthropy. maryland is the place to illustrate how students can make a difference locally and around the globe. >> sitting on a panel for the final round of an "american idol style fundraising competition. six student groups competing for thousands of dollars in grant money and a partnership with bacon's charity, >> making all kinds of impact from as far away as honduras and nepal into shelters just down the street. >> meaghan said he was impressed by the number of students participating in the number of great ideas generated -- bacon said he was impressed. >> coming up with these ideas, giving back, spreading the idea of doing good.
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people use do-gooder as a-term, but i don't know why. -- as a negative term. >> and maryland hospital is named were the top 100 hospitals in the country, and it is write in baltimore city. we'll have details coming next. >> coming up, more on the passing of an american television icon. >> at dallas mother murdered in public for her three-day old baby, who now admits to the crime. >> we had some rain in the area today and there is more rain in the forecast.@
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some registered nurse has been arrested in dallas after admitting she killed a woman in kidnapped her three day old baby in public. she was approached in the parking lot and then shot. witnesses said they saw a car drive away with a baby. the baby was found safe last night. verna mclean admitted to the murder and kidnapping, saying she had a miscarriage and had to show her fiance that she had a child. the man known as america's oldest teenager, television icon dick clark has died. according to a spokesman, he suffered a heart attack today at a hospital where he had been admitted for an outpatient
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procedure. >> the record has stops spinning for america's oldest teenager, dick clark. he died this morning at a loss angeles area hospital of a massive heart attack. the 82-year-old was admitted for an outpatient procedure a day earlier. today, fans visited clark star in hollywood to pay tribute to this american icon. >> new year's eve is never going to be the same again. that is all i can say. >> words of praise from his new year's eve successor, ryan seacrest, who opened "american idol" with the tributes to dick clark. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. i know he is in a better place, saying let's get on with the show, ok? >> dick clark got his start on
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radio and later became host of "american bandstand." it showcased not only white artist but african-american musicians as well. in 1972, clarke created new year's rocking eve and hosted the annual event until a severe stroke sidelined him in 2004. in two dozen 6, he made a triumphant return and continue to ring in the new year -- in 2006. establishing his credentials as an american icon. >> he had a history of heart disease. he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1994. he is survived by his wife and three adult children. >> lots of celebrities are tweaking about dick clark death. ryan seacrest writes, i am deeply saddened by the loss of my good friend dick clark. he has been one of the greatest influences of my life.
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>> mayor bloomberg, his spirit will always live on in times square. >> and joan rivers, very sad to hear about dick clark. what a great life and a great career. relevant until the end. >> another great local men remembered for his generosity. moveable feast of central maryland was presented with the helping people aboard, named in honor of the late governor and mayor, william ronald >> mou will be started out helping the hiv community. -- movable feast started out helping the hiv community. >> one of the top 100 hospitals in america. the honor is awarded to hospitals based on overall performance and an evaluation of 10 areas including patient safety in satisfaction as well
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as adherence to clinical standards of care. >> we came out in the top 100. we were in a group of 25 community teaching hospitals, and that was our category. we are the only hospital in maryland to be named to this year's list, and we are extremely proud of it. >> nearly 2900 hospitals were included in the survey. the study has been conducted each year since 1993. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a little bit of rain, the first measurable rain here in more than two weeks. still some showers on hd doppler moving through central maryland, along the i-95 corridor. south and east of here, much lighter rain, if any at all, in salisbury and ocean city. those be on the lower eastern shore might pick up a little bit of wet weather before the storm completely moves off the coast late tonight.
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you can see it is making steady progress to the east and there is another batch of dry weather set to come in from the west. let's check the rainfall in the last 24 hours. the most substantial rain down there in southwestern virginia, lighter amounts to the north and east of there. a little passion parts of st. mary's county getting heavier burst of showers. officially at the airport, 0.16 inch and 0.18 inch downtown. the high was only 61 degrees at bwi marshall. back in 2001 we actually had a trace of snow come down on april 18. the pollen count came down a little bit today and will be lower tomorrow. 50 degrees -- westminster in the 40's, mid-40's in western maryland. many areas will be cooling
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through the low and mid-40's. shortly after dawn, we will see the skies clearing and it looks like a pretty nice afternoon tomorrow as the sunshine returns. we wake up to cloudy skies, 42- 49 degrees, sunrise behind a cloud that 6:23. highs of 64-69. all of that equals a really nice spring day tomorrow. waves chopping along at about 1 foot, water temperatures up to 60. sunshine returns to the mountains tomorrow and friday. expect some rain in amounts over the weekend if you are headed that way. the eastern shore could have a sprinkle or even some fog in the morning, then clearing in the afternoon. the lower eastern shore is where the rain lingers through the morning hours, with some clearing in the afternoon and then lots of sunshine for ocean city on friday. the next storm system that we
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have to worry about is just now organizing of the west. this could drive to the south and intense apply labette. still -- intensified a little bit. hold the promise of more substantial rain for our dry conditions saturday night and sunday. thursday and friday look beautiful. the showers and storms arrive in the afternoon on saturday and might linger into monday morning. enjoy the weather tomorrow and friday. showers and storms saturday afternoon. rain saturday night and sunday with the shower lingering into monday. those in the 30's tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> orioles trying to stretch their winning streak in chicago to three and a row. we will see if their early lead can last through the night. we will show you, next in sports. >> america's favorite jackpot game coming to you right now. get ready, everybody. this is powerball.
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the jackpot keeps getting bigger and bigger. tonight it is an estimated $130 million. 22-39-49-46-20. match this number and you are always a winner. tonight, the number is 9. good night
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>> far better weather tonight in chicago, far worse results for the orioles. they lost to the white sox. the orioles had an early lead but they could not do much. matt wieters and the orioles just did not have that going past the first run. that will do it for the orioles
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highlights tonight. the struggling white sox wake up their back. 2-1 chicago. buck showalter will watch things get far worse. this one heading to the gap that right-center field, and gone. 4-1 chicago at that point. mark reynolds among the many forced to walk back to the dugout tonight. the orioles lost to chicago. the boston red sox continue to drag along at the bottom of the american league east, living to texas. boston struck first tonight. 2-0 lawson, but the lead did not last. professional great swing, this one way back above the seats. texas goes in the front to stay and the rangers beat the red
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sox, 6-3. rodriguez could not find a team to play for this season and has apparently taken a hint. he will reportedly announce his retirement early next week in arlington tx. huguely with a lifetime 0.2 entered 96 average predict he will leave the game overshadowed by suspicions that he used steroids during his career. he would like to try again. tomorrow he will get a chance. reagan's plan to work out boller alone with two other quarterbacks for possible backup positions. the ravens only have two quarterbacks on their roster right now. they made it through all of last season with only two quarterbacks, they will need at least three. boller played the last two years
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as a back up with the oakland raiders. you could make a good case that no coach has ever had a more torbit last name and tennessee basketball coach pat summit. for years she stood at the summit of her game. now her battle with early onset the endr's has forced of her battle. she may never have an equal when it comes to the dominance of her career coaching record. 1098 wins against only 207 losses. she will take on the title of head coach emeritus to tennessee. tennessee. tom thanks.
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i'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of. only at denny's.
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the 7-day forecast, rain is out of here for two days. another batch of rain coming in, looking like it will come through over the weekend. we still need the rain and it looks like it could be arraigned saturday night and sunday. windy, chilly weather follows that storm early next week. >> that is all for 11 news tonight. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow.
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